Woman Seriously Injured in Boston Asks not to Call an Ambulance

Woman Seriously Injured in Boston Asks not to Call an Ambulance

A woman was seriously injured when her foot was stuck in between the platform and the Orange Line train. A laceration to the 45-year old woman’s leg prompted assistance from fellow passengers.

As others came to assist, the woman begged those around her not to call an ambulance due to the high cost. Boston Chief of Emergency Medical Services estimated that an ambulance transport could cost anywhere between $1,200 and $1,900. To many working class Americans, these costs are simply unaffordable.

The woman eventually was taken to Boston Medical Center where she was treated for a leg injury.

Under capitalism, the healthcare industry is focused on generating profits for the capitalist class. Whereas this woman suffers from extraordinary pain and agony, the capitalist class rakes in the profits.  Bondholders, stockholders, and corporate executives are profiting off the literal blood, sweat and tears of the working class.

While Americans lack basic medical service there are dividends, interest, capital gains, and various other forms of unearned income that accrue to the class of oligarchs. Under capitalism, the healthcare industry is not designed to meet the needs of the working class, but there are certainly individuals who are profiting off the current arrangement