U.S Military Officer Supports Communism

U.S Military Officer Supports Communism

A U.S. Army infantry officer has been placed in the spotlight, as he recently posted a photo of himself in support of professional football player Colin Kaepernick, using the phrase “Communism will win” and tagging “Veterans for Kaepernick.” And now, the hundreds of tweets he has posted about his Communist views are being scrutinized.

The most photo shows Spenser Rapone holding his cover while in a West Point cadet uniform. Inside the cover, he taped a piece of paper that says “Communism will win.” He posted the picture to Twitter on Sunday with the hash tag “Veterans for Kaepernick.” Rapone is also seen holding up a clenched fist.

Kaepernick garnered national attention last year when he took a knee during the national anthem to protest what he believes to be problems in America, namely police brutality and black inequality. The protests took on a renewed vigor over the weekend after President Donald Trump on Friday night called on players to stand and show respect to the anthem and flag. The President said during a stump speech in Alabama that if any player kneeled, the owners should “fire that son of a b–ch.” On Sunday, the kneeling controversy took over most media outlets, as announcers, coaches and players took sides on an issue that has been brewing for a while now in the U.S.

Politstorm: It should not come as any surprise that many people in America are turning in support of socialism as capitalism is failing miserably. In the National Football League players are protesting racism and bigotry by kneeling during the national anthem and locking arms in solidarity. The country is divided between people who oppose imperialism and racism, and those who support America in spite of these things.

According to a recent study by Harvard University 51% of people aged 18-29 reject capitalism. As wages stagnate, income inequality is intensified, and the facade of “democracy” deteriorates, people are looking for an alternative. This article shows concrete evidence that members of the U.S military are supporters of socialism and are seeing through the media propaganda they are exposed to. Spenser Kapone certainly took a courageous step in publicly showing that he supports communism. As the bourgeois class is mired in the contradictions of capitalism, Americans need to organize and oppose capitalist imperialism in any way they can.

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