Trump Takes Credit for Economy

Trump Takes Credit for Economy

A slim majority of Americans, 51%, now say they approve of the way Donald Trump is handling the economy. That is up from 45% in June and is his best rating among four issues tested in the latest Gallup poll.

Trump’s economic approval rating in the Sept. 6-10 survey marks the first time he has earned majority approval on any issue Gallup has asked about, including four issues measured in February and 10 in June.

Politsturm: Near the end of the typical 10-year business cycle, capitalist politicians will start taking credit for the success of the economy. Trump has also taken credit for the growth of the stock market since his election. The fact of the matter is that capitalist production is anarchic, and crises occur independently of the bourgeois politicians. Discontent with capitalism is growing rapidly in the U.S, and the bourgeois class is trying to defend their position by boasting about the success of Trump and the economy.

The truth is that we have had the weakest economic recovery in the post-war period and the public is starting to see that.Trump tweeted “A great deal of good things happening in our country. Jobs and Stock Market at all time highs, and I believe will be getting even better!” Most Americans do not benefit from owning stocks, so the rise of the market in that regard is meaningless to them. If Trump wants to take credit at the peak of the economic cycle , he must be ready to take blame when conditions deteriorate.

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