Trump Declared the Need To Resist Socialism

Trump Declared the Need To Resist Socialism

During his speech during the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly, US President Donald Trump declared his attitude towards socialism.

“We are currently witnessing human tragedy, for example, in Venezuela. More than two million people fled from the unrest that the socialist regime of Maduro and his sponsors from Cuba are sowing. Recently, Venezuela was one of the richest countries in the world. But today socialism has bankrupted this oil-rich nation and forced the people of this country to be in the grip of terrible poverty, ”said Trump.

“Almost everywhere, socialism and communism, no matter where they are tested, lead to corruption and destruction. The thirst for the power of socialism leads to expansion, interference and oppression. All nations of the world must resist socialism and the misfortunes it entails, ”he added.

Let us omit Mr. Trump’s inadequate theoretical understanding of communism.

Socialism is a society of workers, in which every able-bodied person is obliged to conscientiously work to the best of his abilities and is entitled to receive in accordance with the quantity and quality of labor invested. The basic principle of socialism is “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”.

In other words, Mr. Trump calls on the world community to fight the working people and stop any attempts to build an independent socialist state.

The capitalists are well aware of what a real threat to their existence is borne by the working people, who have realized themselves as a class whose interests are opposed to the bourgeoisie. Therefore, one can see how socialism is tarnished, ridiculed, and stereotypes are created about the inability of the working class to exist without its “best friend” and owner — the oligarchs, the bourgeoisie.

Trump delivers his speech precisely because under the conditions of the growing world oppression of the workers and their general impoverishment, there is more and more talk about the inefficiency of capitalism as a world economic structure. Fear of the world socialist revolution and the expropriation of stolen public property — that is behind the stereotypes of socialism and communism.