Google Discriminates Against Socialist Websites

Google Discriminates Against Socialist Websites

“New data compiled by the World Socialist Web Site, with the assistance of other Internet-based news outlets and search technology experts, proves that a massive loss of readership observed by socialist, anti-war and progressive web sites over the past three months has been caused by a cumulative 45 percent decrease in traffic from Google searches.

The drop followed the implementation of changes in Google’s search evaluation protocols. In a statement issued on April 25, Ben Gomes, the company’s vice president for engineering, stated that Google’s update of its search engine would block access to “offensive” sites, while working to surface more “authoritative content.”

Politsturm: Google’s most recent update to their search engine shows how major companies are trying to limit the growth of socialist content. The bourgeois class wants to limit the exposure of class-conscious material. This is in their self-interest because the bourgeois class benefits from the exploitative capitalist system, namely the status quo. By deeming left-wing sources as authoritarian the company is attempting to curtail the tremendous interest of socialist literature and news. Google is aware that the mainstream media is losing hegemonic control over the distribution of news and is attacking it’s competition: the American left.


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